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is a fine-leafed green couch. In areas that receive full sun, this variety is a great all-rounder. Its deep root system allows very rapid recovery from wear, scalping or mistreatment, making it the stronger of our selection. This variety is widely used on sports fields, roadside and on rental properties. As the name suggests, colour retention in the cooler months is excellent. With general mowing and fertilising it will retain a dark green colour and medium-textured appearance. Wintergreen is very forgiving and presents well, even if maintenance is neglected.


  • Grows best in full sun
  • Tolerant to low mowing
  • Great playing field surface
  • Hardy lawn for rental properties

Cold Tolerant

Colour retention in cooler months

Average Traffic Tolerance

Extremely hard wearing

Required Sunlight

6-7 hours of direct sun per day

Type of Grass

Fine leaf, semi-dwarf

Mowing Height

15 – 25 mm


Rapid recovery, very forgiving

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