Sweet Smother

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Sweet Smother

, sometimes known as Durban, is an excellent choice for projects where shading is the predominant consideration. It is the most shade tolerant of all turf varieties sold in South East Queensland. Sweet Smother performs best with a minimum of one to two hours of direct sunlight per day and will require longer exposure if sunlight is filtered. This variety has a very soft, medium textured leaf and will withstand average wear. Sweet Smother will provide an attractive lawn in either full sun or semi-shaded areas and grows best on well-drained areas.


  • Most shade tolerant variety on the market
  • Soft in texture with a broad leaf

Shade Tolerant

Most shade-tolerant turf

Average Traffic Tolerance

Not good under heavy traffic

Required Sunlight

2-3 hours of direct sun per day

Type of Grass

Softer leaf than buffalo

Mowing Height

40 – 50 mm


Does not recover well from pests

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