Sir Walter ‘Wally’

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Sir Walter

is an Australian born and bred turf more affectionately known as “Wally.” Sir Walter is a soft leaf buffalo lawn which has proved to be a top preforming grass for our harsh Queensland conditions. Being introduced to Australian Lawns in 1997, Sir Walter is has a large following and is used widely in Commercial and Domestic settings.

Sir Walter is drought tolerant and requires little mowing or fertilising to keep it looking healthy and strong. The leaf is a wider blade and performs well in full sun or shaded areas. Sir Walter is disease and fungus resistant, has excellent wear / tear tolerance and is a low allergy turf.


  • Drought Tolerant
  • Weed Tolerant
  • Good Traffic Tolerant
  • Great in full sun or shaded areas
  • Soft to touch
  • Low allergenic
  • Low maintenance

Drought Tolerant

Grows well with minimal watering once established

Shade Tolerant

Grows well in shaded areas

Mowing Height

30 – 40 mm

Good Traffic Tolerant

Excellent wear/tear tolerance

Type of Grass

Soft Leaf Buffalo

Required Sunlight

3-4 hours of direct sun per day

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