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, or Zoysia Matrella, is the lawn for new renovations and a backyard you want to “pop.” This lawn will give your new backyard the wow factor and have the neighbours asking how you keep your lawn so beautiful so easily. Shadetuff™ is the first lawn to go against the stigma, “all shade tolerant varieties must have broad leaves” – making Shadetuff™ the first fine leaf, shade tolerant variety on the market here in South East Queensland. Shadetuff™ requires a minimum of 3 hours of direct sunlight per day which betters even the strongest current buffalo varieties on the market. This lawn is the highest winter performer with outstanding colour year-round. Its thick thatch and soft leaf provides a tough surface for parties, pools and your family pet.


  • Remediation of salt affected sites
  • Golf bunker surrounds and green buffers
  • Prestige home lawns, high impact public areas
  • High shade tolerance and cold tolerance
  • Low fertiliser and general maintenance requirement

Cold Tolerant

Grows well in colder conditions

Drought Tolerant

Grows well with minimal watering

High Traffic Tolerant

Tough and hard wearing

Shade Tolerant

Grows well under heavy dappled trees

Required Sunlight

3-4 hours of direct sun per day

Mowing Height

5 – 25 mm

Type of Grass

Fine narrow leaf, lush green foilage


Excellent recovery from wear

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