Queensland Blue Couch

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Queensland Blue Couch

is native to Australia, which is why it has been so successfully grown in the harshest environments. Queensland Blue Couch is widely found to be the lawn of homes in older, more established areas of South East Queensland (and should be considered if matching up to an existing lawn in these areas). This reliable variety has the ability to adapt to the harsh environment that South East Queensland offers up, and is best known for its rapid growth response after even small amounts of rain. Queensland Blue Couch was widely used for lawns that didn’t receive a lot of attention in the past. If you are looking for a prestige lawn, then Queensland Blue Couch can be manicured into a bowling green as well. Its open structure coupled with a soft blue/green leaf makes this grass a stand out.


  • Grows best in full sun, requiring more than 6 hours per day
  • Beautiful blue/green colour
  • Soft appearance and touch
  • Recovers well with light watering
  • Can be mowed very low for bowls or croquet

Required Sunlight

6-7 hours of direct sun per day

Drought Tolerant

Adapts to the harsh environment

Weed Tolerant

Resistant to disease and weed invsaion

Type of Grass

Soft appearance and touch

Mowing Height

25 – 30 mm


Recovers quickly after watering

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