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Grand Prix

is a high density, medium to fine leaf textured turf, which is dark green in colour and produces a high-quality and high-density turf sward (cover). Requiring at least 6-7 hours of direct sunlight per day, Grand Prix is a thick, lush turf that is exceptionally soft and spongy under foot.

Grand Prix’s superior drought and heat resistance, wear tolerance and fast recovery is due to its strong root growth. The key attributes are the wear tolerance which studies have proven that Grand Prix is very close to 2 times more wear tolerant than other common green couch varieties available.

Due to the great horizontal growth habit, Grand Prix recovers well from damage but also requires less mowing than other common high wear varieties.

Weed control requirements are minimal due to the dense habit and it does not require much watering to maintain a lush green appearance.

Other places the Grand Prix is used: Townsville race track, Melbourne Cricket ground (MCG), Allan Boarder cricket wicket (Brisbane), Capitol Hill in Canberra (parliament house).

Cold Tolerant

Colour retention in cooler months

Average Traffic Tolerance

Extremely hard wearing

Required Sunlight

6-7 hours of direct sun per day

Type of Grass

Fine leaf, semi-dwarf, low seeding dense canopy

Mowing Height

15 – 25 mm


Rapid recovery, very forgiving

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