Fortress Buffalo (SS-100)

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Fortress Buffalo (SS-100)

is botanically the same as the number one highest-selling buffalo grass in the world, and one that thrives in South East Queensland and across Australia. Fortress Buffalo lawns are mostly noted for their shade tolerance, but also their ability to deal with everyday wear like kids and dogs, making them the number one choice for the family home owner. Fortress demonstrates superior shade, wear, drought tolerance and easy maintenance when compared to other soft-leaf buffalo grass varieties. Fortress is a tight knit, dense and compact variety with a beautiful soft leaf that holds its emerald green colour year-round.




  • Soft leaf
  • Tough and hard wearing
  • Shade tolerance
  • Low maintenance

Cold Tolerant

Grows well in colder conditions

Drought Tolerant

Grows well with minimal watering

Shade Tolerant

Grows well in shaded areas

Required Sunlight

5 hours of direct sun per day

Type of Grass

Soft leaf buffalo

Mowing Height

30 – 40 mm


Recovers quickly from wear

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