Empire Zoysia

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Empire Zoysia

demonstrates a superior dark green colour and low thatch build up due to its medium blade width and open growth habit, and is particularly drought tolerant. Empire performs well in all soils, from lighter sandy soils to heavy clay soil types and possesses an exceptional ability to out-compete weeds. It requires less maintenance and mowing than other varieties, is very wear tolerant and is an extremely efficient water user. This versatile turf grass looks spectacular, is easy to maintain and thrives in all climatic regions of Australia. This grass is one of the top salt tolerance performers in South East Queensland and is used widely on the Gold Coast foreshores. Empire is ideal for many situations such as residential lawns through to prestige parks.


  • Thrives in extreme heat and recovers well after drought periods
  • Excellent cold hardiness
  • Low water use
  • Low mowing

Cold Tolerant

Excellent in the cold

Drought Tolerant

Will thin in severe drought

High Traffic Tolerant

Resistant to wear and tear

Shade Tolerant

Grows well in shaded areas

Required Sunlight

6-7 hours of direct sun daily

Mowing Height

25 – 30 mm

Type of Grass

Medium blade Japonica


Good wearing and excellent recovery

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