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is an improved variety of Green Couch that has been developed to recover rapidly from damage and is extremely hard wearing. For this reason, C1 is regularly used on high profile sports field projects and stadiums around the country. It is soft, rich dark green in colour, fine textured, can be easily over sowed with Rye grass for a winter boost, and produces minimal seed head. C1 will perform well with minimal maintenance but with a little extra care, the fine leaf, deep green appearance of this variety is outstanding. C1 is ideal for the avid home lawn curator, sports fields and parks.


  • Dark green colour
  • Ability to be easily over sowed with Rye grass for the best winter lawn on your street
  • Wear tolerance and recovery
  • Tolerance of cold temperature

Cold Tolerant

Tolerant of cold temperatures

High Traffic Tolerant

Extremely hard wearing

Required Sunlight

7-8 hours of direct sun per day

Type of Grass

Used for sporting fields

Mowing Height

15 – 25 mm


Rapid recovery from damage

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