Time to Turf It!

Queensland homeowners have been eager to spruce up their yards during the coronavirus pandemic, with turf sales for DIY reno projects going gangbusters. Hugo Struss the general manager of Tinamba Turf at Gleneagle, said he had experienced a 50 per cent increase in residential sales of turf over the past 12 months.

“I don’t believe it’s because we’re bored, but rather because we have more opportunity to slow down, look around our backyard and see what we might want to improve upon.” Mr Struss said.

“Homeowners are finally finding time to take up projects at home they had neglected” he said.

“Families not being able to head out to sporting events and parks, means that parents are looking to bring that entertainment home, providing the family with great surface on which to play and relax. Returfing the backyard is a great activity to involve the whole family because its so safe.”

Mr Struss said now was a great time to attend to or lay new turf.

“We still have great growing conditions, particularly in Queensland, and we’re at the tail end of grubs and insects season, which can attack new lawns,” he said.

“Autumn is a good time for new lawns because we still have relatively warm temperatures, which help establish the grass, and it’s much easier to keep on top of watering requirements without the harsh summer conditions.”

Mr Struss added that with green space playing an important part in physical and mental health, not only did a lawn provide a space to get outside and connect with family and friends, but it also provided an outlet to wind down, step away from the home office and reduce stress and anxiety, as well as get a good dose of vitamin D.

[ sourced from courier mail, 9th May 2020]

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