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General Manager

Since I have been able to drive I have been involved in the family business at Tinamba. From mowing to packing turf on the harvesters I have spent many school holidays learning the day to day running of the family business.

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After school and while pursuing an international rowing career I have always maintained my interest in construction and business management. My first job was rendering which moved into renovating and building pools. This role allowed me to gain experience with; working in a team, reading plans, working to deadlines and ultimately managing a project from start to finish. While rowing competitively and working I also finished two Advanced Diplomas in Business Management and Project Management. Along with these I have completed several courses in construction and machine operation which always comes in use during my current role.

In 2010 I began full-time work at Tinamba Turf, taking on the role of sales and on road client support. This diverse role allowed me to extend my knowledge in people management and begin the ever evolving skills needed to quote, manage and complete projects for domestic back yards up to the highest specification sports field surfaces. This role has also helped me to understand the needs and wants of the loyal everyday client which now underpins the improvements to our product and service.

In late 2014 I moved back to a general management role where I oversee marketing, business development, quoting and managing closely the sales team. The most enjoyable part of my role is being able to get out on job sites and see the highest level of service that Tinamba Turf offer to our loyal clients.



Managing Director

I was raised in central Queensland and initially pursued a nursing career before establishing Tinamba Turf Co Pty Ltd in 1988 with my husband, Stephen. Living and working on a farm was a normal way of life for me.

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My love of the land, gardening and caring for the environment is very important to me so growing turf was a natural career path.

I have been very involved in the development and running of the business while raising our family and continue to do so today. Customer service has been a big part of my working life and we have built our business on providing good service to our customers; big and small. Our customers are the most important people in our business, earning their trust, building a relationship, providing expert advice and an excellent product has always been our aim.

Customer satisfaction is very rewarding and we strive, along with our staff, to improve and maintain industry best practice for our customers. It is for us to continue to research, develop, produce, and share our knowledge in providing turf varieties that are suitable for the purpose, climate and lifestyle of our customers.



Managing Director

I was born and bred in the Beaudesert district, growing up on an active Dairy Farm. During this time I learnt farming principals, animal husbandry along with the day to day business of running a farm.

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After leaving school my interest in Engineering led me to doing an apprenticeship at Hastings Deering which I completed in 1980. These skills equipped me for my first business in the Longreach district, where I took on earthmoving. I specialised in repairing and building dams before moving into contracting to Oil Companies. After 8 years of preparing drilling sites and seismic surveys I sold out of the business and returned to the family property in Beaudesert. Here my wife Jane and I began Tinamba Turf on the property that has been in my family for over 100 years.

Tinamba was a property of 250 hectares at the time and from that we started a small scale operation. Now Tinamba has grown to be the largest in the country, buying neighbouring properties and now having a home base of nearly 460 hectares. My goal has always been not to produce the cheapest turf but the best. I believe we have reached this goal after 28 years and I am very lucky to be able to thank our fantastic staff for their support and work over the last 28 years. With family succession now in place our aim is to continue the business and bring it to another level.



Tinamba Turf Farm Manager

In 1994 I began working in the turf industry with Evergreen Turf and soon after completed my apprenticeship in turf management. During this time I developed skills in growing a wide range of turf varieties and also worked on stadium and racetrack projects installing reinforced products.

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In 2002 I moved to Anco Turf; at which time Melbourne was going through a drought. The drought saw a major change of the turf market, from predominately cool season grasses to warm season. Over this time I was involved with planting large areas of the farm to Couch, Kikuyu and Buffalo grasses.  In 2004 I was promoted to farm manager where I headed the growing of turf for several Melbourne racetracks, sports fields and golf course projects as well as expanding the farms production area.

In 2011 I made the move to a South East Queensland based farm for a brief period before joining the Tinamba Turf Company in 2013. Since I have been managing the production at Tinamba Turf I have also been able oversee the management of Clifton Park turf as well.

Having worked in the turf industry for many years I have a passion for producing and supplying the highest quality turf. I have been able to do this by staying at the forefront of the turf industries best practices in irrigation, pest management and fertility coupled with effective research and development projects.

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