Fertilising your turf

A lawn will let you know when it needs extra nutrients. If it’s not getting from water or the soil it’s growing in because it will start to look sick or change colour. It just won’t be as vibrant and healthy as usual. Lawns have different needs during different seasons and fertilising is imperative for longevity.

After installation:

Either just before or just after installation, use a good quality starter fertiliser. Add an even application over the whole area as on the label. This will give the root structure the required nutrients to build and support the rest of the lawn.

Once established:

  • We recommend applying fertiliser at the beginning of every season throughout the year.
  • To maintain colour over winter, fertilise in late autumn with an organic slow release fertiliser.
  • In summer, avoid over-fertilising.

HOT TIP: If you don’t want to mow as much as normal then feel free to use the fertiliser in a half application. This won’t give you the same boost of colour but it won’t give you the growth either.

Healthy, deep-rooted turf is more tolerant to stress, better retains its color in winter, and can out compete weeds.

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