Maintenance & Upkeep

Watering, mowing and fertilising can help grow a healthy lawn fit for anything life has to throw at it.

Once established, the simple recipe for lawn success is:


= A healthy, strong and beautiful lawn!


Did you know: Turf is made up of about 70-80 per cent water?

Like us, your lawn needs water too. It is extremely important to water your new lawn as soon as it is laid so it can start to establish itself and get the essential nutrients to the roots. A well-nourished lawn promotes strong and healthy leaf growth, which is what makes it look and feel so good.


Sometimes we forget that grass is actually a plant. To help keep plants healthy we clip and prune them – and it’s the same for grass.

There’s a knack to mowing your lawn the right way, did you know that? Learning to mow your lawn this way will make it healthier, more aesthetically appealing and a whole lot easier to maintain.

Not only that but mowing your lawn also has its mind-body benefits too. It’s a great workout and it’s also quite therapeutic.


A lawn will let you know when it needs extra nutrients. If it’s not getting from water or the soil it’s growing in because it will start to look sick or change colour. It just won’t be as vibrant and healthy as usual. Lawns have different needs during different seasons and fertilising is imperative for longevity.

Top dressing

Top dressing is the application of washed sand to an established lawn. It’s very beneficial as it evens out any low areas, fills in holes, helps the grass to re-establish and spread itself, and improves surface drainage.

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