Installation Process

Installing your turf

If you are handy around the home and want to lay your own lawn, we’ve put together these simple instructions on how to do that effectively and efficiently.

Otherwise, we also install turf purchased from our farms, so please get in touch with us.

6 Steps to laying your turf:

Once your turf has arrived it is very important to lay it as soon as possible to prevent drying out or, worse, “pallet burn”. Turf should be laid within 12 hours of delivery, so make sure your site and soil are fully prepared. In very hot weather, it’s best to lay turf as early or late in the day as possible. This helps to ensure that the soil temperature is as low as possible.

Lay the first row along a straight edge, such as a garden edge, path or driveway. It always looks better when your lay job starts from the longest and straightest edge.

Continue laying slabs up against this first row, staggering the joints like a brick pattern.

Make sure all joints are butted tightly together. There should be no spaces between slabs of turf, and no overlapping.

Use a large knife or shovel to shape and trim excess turf around trees, garden edges and so on.

Once the whole area has been turfed, roll the turf lightly. This will eliminate air pockets and ensure contact between turf, roots and soil.

TIP to avoid Pallet Burn – Lay as soon as possible.

Turf is a living plant and it is still growing, even though it’s on a pallet ready to be laid at your home.

What is pallet burn?

If turf sits too long on the pallet it can overheat and burn. Pallet burn starts from the middle of the slab and is caused by nitrogen in the leaf of the plant, moisture in the soil and the weight of the turf to create a potential compost heap. This typically happens within 24hours after harvest on days above 30 degrees. You will notice the burnt grass changes to a black/yellowish colour. The biggest problem is that it could burn to the extent of killing the grass permanently where you will see small white mould looking spots on the leaf (in this case call the farm for better details).

Once your turf arrives it is very important to lay it as soon as possible to prevent drying out or pallet burn. See the example of pallet burn below.

SUGGESTION: We suggest in summer especially that turf is laid the day it is cut or the following morning.

If you suspect you have pallet burn we advise you to stop laying immediately. Pallet burn means that your grass has been on the pallet too long and built up temperatures high enough to kill the turf permanently, also known as composting. If you suspect pallet burn you can confirm this with a few basic checks.

  • Does the grass smell like it is composting?
  • Has the grass changed colour from green/light yellow to a blackish colour?
  • Have the leaves developed small white spots?

If you answer yes to any of the above then you should call our office to confirm action going forward. If you lay the turf burnt it is very unlikely to make a quick recovery.

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