Choosing Turf

Let’s start with the type of turf you need for your project

There’s a turf that’s perfect for your specific project depending on whether you have a home, business or sports club you need to add a touch of green to.

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FAQs about choosing your turf

When should turf be laid?

It’s important to time your delivery. Turf should be laid within 24 hours of delivery and you should ensure your site and soil are fully prepared. In very hot weather, it’s best to lay turf as early in the day or as late into the afternoon as possible.

Can I pick up my turf?

Yes, you can pick up turf from our farms. Our locations offer customers the ability to collect small or large quantities of turf between Monday and Saturday during business hours. Deliveries on Saturday must be pre-arranged.

How much does the turf weigh?

The weight of turf varies between varieties. A pallet (50 square metres) weighs between 750kg-1000kg depending on turf and cutting conditions. If you require more than 20sq m of turf it is best to use a trailer (or truck if required) to pick it up. For smaller vehicles where turf will be inside the car (for example, in the boot or on the back seat) we suggest no more then 5-10sq m using a tarp.

May I inspect your farm prior to purchasing turf?

Of course, our farms are open to the public. This is where you will be able to make a more informed decision about your turf choice, see a display of the final product ready for its new home and speak to our experts.

What varieties of lawn stay green all year?

Generally, all turf will stay green throughout the winter provided it does not get frost bitten and maintenance is kept up. Some varieties will handle the cold and maintain colour better than others, please ask our friendly staff for advice.

How long do I have to stay off my new lawn?

Warm months:

If laying a new lawn in warmer weather, we recommend keeping all foot traffic to a minimum for approximately four weeks, or until the turf is better established. This can be checked by gently lifting the turf by a corner to test how easily it lifts. You should not be able to lift established turf.

Cold months:

During winter, turf takes longer to establish. Keep in mind that while watering the lawn to establish it, the soil will be soft under foot and prone to footprints that are hard to remove once it is established.

What does direct hours of sunlight mean?

Direct hours of sunlight it the time each variety needs of direct sunlight each day. “Direct” refers to the situation where the sun light hours do not count if it is broken through trees or shade sails etc. Make sure that you calculate only the hours the area receives unbroken by surrounding objects.

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