Lawn for Life

Tinamba Turf’s comprehensive lawn-care guide

It covers everything from choosing the perfect turf for your specific needs and wants, measuring and installing it correctly, to looking after it when it comes to mowing, watering and fertilising.

There is also plenty of information on what to do about pests and disease, and weed control.

As Australians it’s our right to love our lawns and we want you to love yours just as much as we do. We love turf and the lifestyle it helps create for homeowners, businesses and even sports clubs.

This practical guide, brought to you by the next generation turf farmers of Tinamba Turf, will help you achieve the perfect lawn with advice and tips covering all aspects of lawn, grass and turf care.

Love your lawn and it will be healthy so it looks and feels good under foot all year round.

If you need a hand selecting the right turf for your specific project or just want more information about something you read in our Lawn for Life guide, please feel free to contact us.

Follow these steps to get the most out of your lawn

1. Choosing Turf

The first place to start is choosing the right type of turf you need for your home or project. LEARN MORE ›

2. Measuring for Turf

Turf measuring is an easy procedure that doesn’t require you to know advanced algebra. LEARN MORE ›

3. Site Preparation

Before your turf goes down, site and soil preparation needs to be complete to ensure the lawn can thrive. LEARN MORE ›

4. Installation Process

If you want to lay your own lawn you can, or we can install turf purchased from our farms. LEARN MORE ›

5. Maintenance & Upkeep

Proper watering, mowing and care can help grow a healthy lawn fit for anything life has to throw at it. LEARN MORE ›

6. Grubs, Diseases & Weeds

Here’s our top tips to overcoming grubs, diseases and weeds, and the treatments you need to do that. LEARN MORE ›

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