Our Accreditation


Tinamba Turf and Clifton Park Turf are two of the very few selected growers to be TAP (Turf Accreditation Process) accredited growers in South East Queensland. Both farms have been accredited since the first of October 2014. The TAP program is the first 3rd party accredited program in Australia and provides a differentiation between the businesses that have received recognition of the competency-based standards and those who have not.

The TAP program has been adopted by the local governments to make sure that each of their suppliers are obtaining the highest standard in safety, growing and distribution with every order. For our business, TAP is the stamp that provides the all important “risk protection” that every customer needs. It gives a set of standards to grow by and the same set of standards that the customer can rely on.

For more information, please download the TAP standards and our current Certification.




Red Imported Fire Ants

If you have done your research, you’re aware of the risks Fire Ants can pose on your landscape supplies. We take the health and safety of our staff and customers very seriously and we give great attention to these little details. All the paddocks owned and operated by Tinamba Turf are outside of the Fire Ant zone. For added security, its nice to know that Tinamba Turf do treat all out going turf as if it was in the “red zone” for the Fire Ant boundary and in accordance with relevant legislation. We are actively involved with the Department of Agriculture and Fisheries to make sure we receive biannual treatments to even the pasture surrounds of our property as well. These extra treatments have now secured the QLD government recognition of a plant health approved grower, allowing transport of turf interstate. If you have any further question on our interstate requirements or our Red Imported Fire Ants management plan and ID number, please don’t hesitate to ask.

National Red Imported Fire Ant Eradication Program





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